Boli Bioproducts

We exhibited successfully on FIE Frankfurt 2023

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We are very glad having exhibited successfully on FIE Frankfurt during Nov. 28-30, 2023.



It is our great pleasure receiving a lot of professional visitors at our booth, who have expressed their strong interest in our enzyme products for the alcohol, grain processing, starch sugar, baking, brewing, juice processing and protein hydrolysis for food industry.



Many of the visitors gladly took the samples presented on our booth, for example, heat-stable alpha-amylase HT-800L and glucoamylase / pullulanase compounded enzyme HGA-101PT for the production of starch sugar, high concentration glucoamyalse SUPERMEI FD and low pH tolerable heat-stable alpha-amylase HA-306LP for the alcohol production, high concentrated alpha-amylase BAA-0200, neutral protease NP-2000, lipase LP-2000 and fungal alpha-amylase FAA-5000 for bakery. Others requested additional samples of our new products, such as glucose oxidase GLU-0100 and maltogenic amylase MAA-1500 for bakery.



FIE (Food ingredients Europe) has been uniting the world’s leading food & beverage suppliers, buyers, R&D experts and production specialists for over 35 years since its launch in 1986.  FIE 2023 gathered more than 1,400 exhibitors from 135 countries and attracted around 25,000 professionals to visit. More than 300 Chinese companies participated in this grand exhibition.



 We look forward to meeting with you again next time!