Launch of New Biological Product : γ-PGA
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We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new bioligical product  γ-Polyglutamic Acid (γ-PGA) for agriculture application.


  • What is γ-PGA?


γ-PGA is a product of microbial fermentation. Its components are extracellular peptides. It is water-soluble, biodegradable, safe and non-toxic. γ-PGA is recognized as a green biological product with high potentiality, especially because of its superior performance and effects demonstrated in the agricultural application.


  • What are the powerful functions ofγ-PGA ?


1) Super strong water retention and moisturizing ability

γ-PGA contains more than 1000 super-hydrophilic carboxylic acid groups (-COOH), which results in its strong water absorption and moisturizing ability.  Use ofγ-PGA can maintain the moisture in the soil, improve the bulk density and porosity of the highly packed sticky soil, and also improve the fertilizer and water retention properties of sandy soils. In addition, use ofγ-PGA in arid areas enables drought resistance and seedling promotion.


2)  Enrich soil nutrients and improve utilization of fertilizers

γ-PGA has an extraordinary adsorption and exchange capacity of nutrient ions  which is about 100 times as that of natural soil, which enables it to reduce nutrient leaching and volatilization, enrich calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, zinc and other micronutrient, thus significantly improve the supply of soil nutrients.

Use of γ-PGA helps to increase the utilization rate of fertilizers as follows:

  • Nitrogen fertilizer :  50~60%

  • Phosphate fertilizer: > 5%

  •  Potash fertilizer:      15~20%

It also helps to save the use of chemical fertilizers by 10~20%


3)    Long-acting and controlled slow release function

γ-PGA can absorb and store nutrients that are temporarily not used by plants, thus inhibit the rapid decomposition and loss of fertilizer components, and extend the release time of fertilizers in the soil by about four times. Use ofγ-PGA  can meet the nutrient needs of the crops in the middle and late stages of growth, avoid premature aging and de-fertilization, reduce the top dressing, and save fertilizer by more than 20%. For food crops, γ-PGA  can basically meet the nutritional needs during the entire growth period.


4)    Improve physical and chemical properties of soil

γ-PGA has a negatively charged carboxyl group, which can effectively prevent the combination of SO42-、CO32-、PO43-、Ca2+、Mg2+ and other trace elements in fertilizers, avoid low solubility salts and precipitation, thus avoid acidity and soil compaction caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers.


5)   Improve crop yield and quality

Use ofγ-PGA can quickly increase the output of tea, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products by 10~20%.


6)    Improve plant resistance and stress resistance

γ-PGA can form a protective film on the surface of plant root hairs, which can enhance the resistance to plant pathogens spread by the soil and improve the stress resistance of plants.


7)  Comparative advantages vs. other synergists

γ-PGA has large molecular weight, which results in its excellent chelating and adsorption capacity of trace elements, and strong synergistic function. The chemically synthesized fertilizer synergists, such as polyaspartic acid, polyacrylic acid, etc., have small molecular weight, which results the limited synergistic function. Comparing to fertilizer synergists, γ-PGA has multiple functions such as slowing down the loss of fertilizer, resisting drought and water retention, preventing plant disease and increasing crop output. In addition, γ-PGA is renewable resource, which is 100% natural degradation, safe and non-toxic.



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