Cultured Wheat Products CWP-50


Cultured wheat product is specifically designed to meet the market demand of alternatives to chemical preservatives. It is produced from fermentation of propionibacterium followed by series processes of filtration, neutralization, and concentration and drying. It is a natural organic material for food industry, particularly for bakery, meat and sauce production. The product is free flowing powdery with off-white to light cream color and a typical slight odor of microbial fermentation.


This product is capable to anti spoilage and inhibits pathogenic bacteria. In addition to substitute chemical preservatives, it can provide calcium that is needed by human body, thus enforce the foodstuff.

l Reduce pH of dough or batter

l Disrupt membrane transport or permeability

l Accumulate anions

l Reduce internal cellular pH


Product Specifications

Unless otherwise specified, all of the following assay methods must be the most current methods available.

ItemsStandard SpecificationTest Method
AppearanceOff-white to light cream PowderCIE Lab (L*A*B*)
FlavorTypical faint propionic & fermentedSupplier Method
FormFree flowing powderSupplier Method
CalProCWP-50: Minimum 50%CWP-55: Minimum 55%HPLC
Total organic acidsMinimum 80%HPLC 
MoistureNot more than 5.0%AOAC 977.05 or GB 5009.3
Pb (mg/kg)≤5GB 5009.12
Arsenic (mg/kg)≤3GB 5009.11
Total Viable Count (CFU/g)≤50,000BAM Chapter 3 or GB 4789.2
Coliform bacteria (CFU/g)≤10BAM Chapter 4 or GB 4789.3
Yeast and Mold CFU/gram<100BAM Chapter 18 or GB 4789.15
E-Coli (25g)NoneBAM Chapter 4 or GB 4789.38
Salmonella (25g)NoneBAM Chapter 5 or GB 4789.4



20kg paper and plastic syntactic bag with PE inner lined.


Storage and Shelf-life:

This product has been formulated for optimal stability. Typical shelf-life is 12 months provided it is stored below 25°C in its original packaging, sealed and unopened, protected from the sunlight.

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