Enzymes for Ethanol

Enzymes play an important role in the ethanol production. First, heat-stable alpha amylase is added to the milled corn slurry to gelatinize and liquefy the starch in the liquefaction process. Second, glucoamylase is added to convert the liquefied starch to fermentable sugars in the saccharification stage. In addition, protease can be added to improve the fermentation process, and phytase can be added in the liquefaction stage to enhance the performance of heat-stable alpha amylase.

This case study presents a typical ethanol production process in one of our customers’ factory. The two enzyme products used in this case is Heat-stable Alpha-Amylase HA-400 (activity 40,000 U/ml) and Glucoamylase PUREMEI PG (activity 130,000 U/ml).

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