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Product Description

NP-100 is a food-grade protease produced from classical strains of Bacillus subtilis through submerged fermentation, extraction and refining process. NP-100 can catalyze the hydrolysis of proteins under neutral condition and generate peptide and amino acids.
Product Characteristics
Declared Enzyme:       Protease
EC Number: EC
Appearance: Deep brown Liquid
Activity: 100,000 U/ml (minimum)
Product pH: 4.0 to 7.0
Specific Gravity: ≤1.25g/ml


Effect of pH
NP-100 can work at a wide pH range from 5.0 to 9.0, with its optimal pH range from 6.0 to 7.0 and an optimum pH 6.5 (see Figure 1).
Effect of Temperature
NP-100 can work at temperatures from 30 to 60°C, with its optimum temperature range from 45 to 55°C and an optimum temperature 50°C (see Figure 2).
NP-100 can effectively hydrolyze animal and plant proteins, including meat, soybean, gelatin, casein, whey, and cereals used in beer production. The optimal concentration of the substrate is 10 to 25%. 
  • Hydrolysis of animal protein 
NP-100 can be used to hydrolyze meat, fish, terrapin, pig pancreas, silkworm pupae, etc. to produce peptide and amino acids.
  • Hydrolysis of plant protein
Adding NP-100 into soy milk or instant soy milk powder can considerably increase the yield of proteins and the solid content.
  • Beer production
In beer production, inadequate quality of malt or large content of auxiliaries will lead to insufficient α-amino acid, thus result in insufficient yeast propagation, abnormal fermentation and unwanted diacetyl content in beer. NP-100 can help to increase α-amino acid content in beer. Dosage rate depends on the original wort content.
  • Soy Sauce  
Proteolysis is the key to maximize raw material utilization and improve product quality in soy sauce production. Use of NP-100 can partly replace Koji to maximize the utilization rate of the raw materials, and maintain the desirable flavor and quality of final products.
  • Treatment of animal blood
NP-100 can be used in the treatment of red blood cell to produce decolorized and soluble blood hydrolyte, which can be used in the production of calcium supplements, oral liquid nutritional supplements and food additives to enhance nutrition in food and beverages.
Packaging, Storage & Shelf-life
  • 25kg, 30kg HDPE drums or 1125kg IBC totes.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity during transportation.
  • The storage room should be kept clean, cool and dry, preferably with air-conditioner. 
  • Shelf-life is twelve months provided this product is stored at 0∼25°C in its original packaging, sealed and unopened, protected from direct sunlight. 
Safe Handling of Enzymes
Inhalation of enzyme dust and mists should be avoided. In case of contact with skin or eyes, promptly rinse with water for at least 15 minutes. For detailed handling information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

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