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Product Description

What is γ-PGA?

  • A green biological product with high potentiality for agriculture

  • Produced from microbial fermentation process

  • Components : Extracellular peptides

  • Water-soluble, Biodegradable, Safe & Non-toxic

What can γ-PGA do?

  • Enrich nutrients and improve utilization of fertilizers

  • Improve physical and chemical properties of soil

  • Improve yield and quality of crops

  • Improve stress resistance of plants

How to use γ-PGA in the agriculture industry?

Applications Advantages
Water-soluble fertilizers : γ-PGA can be added as auxiliary nutrient to water-soluble fertilizers to promote root growth and improve crop resistance.
New type fertilizers: γ-PGA can be used as nutritional synergist in high tower, ammoniation, spraying, extrusion, drum and other granulation equipment to make the fertilizer products drought resistance, water retention, with enhanced fertilizer efficiency and ecological degradable.

Phosphate fertilizer 

& Potassium fertilizer :

γ-PGA can be added as mid-peptide synergist to urea phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce chemical residues, and reduce soil pollution.
Soil improvement: Improve the quality of acidified soil and alkali soil.
Water-retaining agent : Improve soil quality in arid areas.
Seedling dressing: Improve the germination rate and survival rate of seeds.





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