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All You Need to Know about Alpha-Amylase TH-0400 in Agricultural Food Industry

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Alpha-amylase TH-0400 is a widely used food enzyme in the agricultural food industry, specifically in the production of food additives and enzymatic preparations. This enzyme plays a crucial role in various processes, offering numerous benefits to the food production sector.
1. What is Alpha-Amylase TH-0400?
Alpha-amylase TH-0400 is an enzyme derived from a natural source and is classified as a food-grade enzyme. Its primary function is to break down complex carbohydrates, such as starch, into simpler sugars. This enzymatic action enhances various food processes and improves product quality.
2. Applications in the Food Industry
Alpha-amylase TH-0400 finds applications in a wide range of food products. It is commonly used in the bread-making industry to improve dough handling and the overall quality of baked goods. This enzyme also aids in the production of sweeteners, such as glucose syrups, by hydrolyzing starch into glucose. Additionally, it assists in the production of maltose, maltodextrins, and other specialty carbohydrates.
3. Benefits of Alpha-Amylase TH-0400
The use of alpha-amylase TH-0400 offers several advantages in the agricultural food industry. Firstly, it enhances the fermentation process in bread-making, resulting in improved texture, volume, and flavor. Secondly, the enzyme aids in the conversion of starch into desired sweeteners, leading to the production of high-quality syrups and specialty carbohydrates. Lastly, alpha-amylase TH-0400 helps to optimize the production efficiency of food processing, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
4. Usage Guidelines
When incorporating alpha-amylase TH-0400 into food production, it is essential to follow specific usage guidelines. The appropriate dosage of the enzyme depends on factors such as the desired application, substrate, and process conditions. It is recommended to consult with food technologists or professionals with expertise in enzymatic preparations for accurate dosage recommendations.
In conclusion, alpha-amylase TH-0400 is a valuable food enzyme widely used in the agricultural food industry. Its ability to break down starch and improve various food processes makes it a vital ingredient in the production of food additives and enzymatic preparations. By understanding its applications and benefits, professionals in the agricultural food industry can harness the potential of alpha-amylase TH-0400 to enhance their products and processes.