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Unleash the Power of Pullulanase PU-720: Elevating Industrial Biotechnology

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1. Versatile Catalytic Performance:
Pullulanase PU-720 boasts a versatile catalytic performance, allowing it to catalyze various reactions beyond starch hydrolysis. This enzyme can be utilized to produce glucose syrups, which serve as essential raw materials in the production of sweeteners, biofuels, and biochemicals. Additionally, Pullulanase PU-720 can be employed in the modification of polysaccharides, resulting in the generation of functional ingredients with diverse applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.
2. Enabling Process Optimization:
The application of Pullulanase PU-720 in industrial biotechnology brings about process optimization, leading to increased efficiency and reduced waste. 
By converting starches into simpler forms, this enzyme facilitates downstream processes, alleviating the need for additional steps and reducing energy consumption. With Pullulanase PU-720, manufacturers can streamline their production processes, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing productivity.