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Applications of Pullulanase PU-720

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1. Brewery Industry: Pullulanase PU-720 enhances the mashing process by promoting the breakdown of starch into fermentable sugars. This results in improved beer flavor, increased alcohol content, and reduced production time. Brewers can achieve a higher yield and maintain consistency throughout batches, ensuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
2. Distillery Industry: This enzyme plays a vital role in the production of spirits by increasing the availability of fermentable sugars. By incorporating Pullulanase PU-720 during the liquefaction and saccharification processes, distillers can achieve higher alcohol yields, improve product quality, and streamline production.
3. Food Processing: Pullulanase PU-720 finds its application in various food processing applications, such as bakery, confectionery, and snack production. By breaking down starch into simpler sugars, it enhances texture, flavor, and overall consumer experience. The enzyme also aids in reducing processing time and improving the shelf life of final products.
4. Animal Feed Production: The incorporation of Pullulanase PU-720 in animal feed formulations enhances the digestibility and nutritional value of starch-based ingredients. By breaking down complex carbohydrates, improves feed efficiency, promotes better nutrient absorption, and reduces the overall feed cost for farmers and feed manufacturers.